Pricing & Tips

How To Price Items:
  • The Seller decides the price of each item
  • Price items in 50 cent increments ($0.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc)
  • Use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach tags to items. Tape can be used for toys. 
  • Add tags to the top left/right corner of each item (this will make it easier for buyers when shopping)
  • If an item is being sold as a set, pin the items together. 
  • If multiple items are being included & are small, use a Ziploc bag but ensure the tag is visible 
  • Items should be folded neatly & put in a box/tote with the sellers # easily readable on the outside
Tips for Sellers:
  • If you have a large number of items to sell you can change the quantity. Instead of adding 20 items for $1 individually you can do 1 entry & ​change the quantity to 20. MySalesManager will print 20, $1 item tags. 
  • Sellers are not required to enter a description for each item. The only details that need to be on the tag include: Price, Seller # & bar code. Any other detail is for the sellers benefit, not the Mom2Mom Sale. 

Question about the sale? Just ask!